Posted By : Janel L Q

Posted On : November 27, 2015, 12:16 am

Decription : [Me: "What is it that you need help with sir? How can we help you? Chico: I need my Freedom. And $0.50 cents.] Zaylen's 1st act of kindness. Meet Chico. I been wanting to do an act of kindness that didn't cost any money. I didn't have my debit card today. So we had to give just what we had. So we went home and Zaylen wanted to give him some of his change he's been saving. He gave him a Baggie of change and we prayed for him. He didn't think Zaylen would wanted to hold his hand 😢. But he did! Look how blessed each of them look. ☀️☀️😍 #1000acts #1000actsofkindness #kidsBeingKind #lovecures #kindnesscures #jointhemovement

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