Posted By : Janel L Q

Posted On : November 27, 2015, 12:29 am

Decription : We went shopping on thanksgiving day lol. Meet Katie. We seen her as we pulled out of Safeway and we had to get home. But I heard something a while ago that really put things in perspective: "Where are we in such a rush to go that we wouldn't help a person in need?" So we drive back and I asked her what she needed. She said she needed a place to live and didn't even ask me for anything. I seen she needed gloves. It's SO cold out today. I went to target, it was closed. So once again I had to use what I had. I went home and I have her my favorite gloves, only beanie and a pretty scarf, a notepad to write her thoughts and dreams and couple other little trinkets. We prayed for her, for getting a place to live. She didn't think Zaylen would want to hold a "street persons" hand either 😢 (as she stated). But he did! She didn't even want to look in the camera bc she thought she was ugly. She is so beautiful and so kind. You know I think helping others is much more of blessing to me than it is to them. It turned my not so joyful morning around. Oh and 2 other people stopped and did kind acts for her too. How encouraging! #GoodNews #1000actsofkindness #1000acts #jointhemovement #kindnesscures #lovecures #candidpic #changetheworld

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