Posted By : Janel L Q

Posted On : December 4, 2015, 8:13 pm

Decription : Last Saturday morning I woke up to a flat tire on the day I was going to see my friend preach in Fairfield =\. I went to the gas station to try to inflate my tire. Lol I end up deflating it all the way. (Who knew the air button was inside the store.) This kind man that who works at the Valero on corner of Broadway and riverside not only inflated my one tire, but checked the tire pressure on all my tires and filled up all my tires! If you see him at this gas station give him a big smile for me. #1000acts #aboveAndBeyond (Oh my son blew bubbles while I was stressing I was 20min late to hearing my friend preach. Lol #learnFromTheChildren) #kindnessAllDay 🙌🏽 #1000actsofkindness

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