Posted By : Janel L Q

Posted On : December 4, 2015, 8:22 pm

Decription : #1000actsofkindness #1000acts Last Saturday Me and Zaylen went to see my friend Dwight Sanders preach in Fairfield. I'm such a strong believer in supporting my friends in their endeavors, dreams, etc. and I've been blessed with supportive friends myself. I know how it feels. He filled up my gas tank! He insisted on it and I kept saying no. Part of kindness is also receiving kindness back. Oh and his lovely Grandma treated me and Zaylen out to lunch! We were so blessed by Dwight and his family. #kindpeople Btw, he did amazing preaching! I was wrecked. I was in tears, convicted, and laughed (not all at the same time lol) as God spoke to me thru his message. It was spirit filled and he did it was so natural for him. Hey, when your called your called. #nextGenerationPastor #NextGenerationPreacher #anointed

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