Posted By : Ashley Mellott

Posted On : December 11, 2015, 11:20 am

Decription : Confession time. I have been struggling, maybe you have been too. This picture is a perfect example of it. Let me explain. So often we don't even hesitate when posting rants, annoyances or even intense opinions on world or political situations, etc. But when it comes to documenting and posting kind things, it can really be a struggle. For me it is as if I've bought into the lie that posting positive things I'm doing is terrible and prideful, yet I don't hesitate to spread negativity about the person who flipped me off in rush hour traffic during my commute. How backwards is that? Anytime I do something nice, I've always wanted it to be anonymous and nobody to know it was me because I didn't want any of the credit and it feels awkward. But I'm learning, what you read on social media impacts your day and your mind and your attitude. So I'm going to be filling yours with some encouraging acts of kindness:-) I'm breaking free of this ridiculous lie because the world needs to see more positive things going on and to be encouraged and inspired. Maybe it will even inspire you to do some too:-) Back to the picture. I had started chatting with a homeless guy named Albert while walking to the office the other morning. I gave him some food and offered to bring him down some more snacks from our office. When I came back down he was gone, so I gave them to the guy in the background of this picture. In the moment I didn't want to take a pic because I didn't want him to think we were just helping him so we could post it. But as I walked away, it dawned on me that the posting of it is an important part. We are in part helping people because we care about people and we are in part posting it so we can encourage others to help someone else in need. Imagine what our news feeds would look like if everyone reading this posted one kind thing they did for someone. Even more importantly, imagine how the people we are impacting would feel. #1000acts #payitforward

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