Posted By : Dale Bettencourt

Posted On : February 25, 2016, 6:11 am

Decription : A guy stopped me in the bel air parking lot the other day saying he needed some money for diapers, similac baby formula, and some other items. I gave him a twenty. He saw I had another 10 in my wallet and without missing a beat asked if he could have the ten as well. Sometimes at first, my mind is offended when someone does not feel grateful for what i have given them and i feel that i am being taken advantage of. I believe the enemy wants to use that spirit of un-gratefulness to separate those who need much from those who have much. Whether he needed it or not that is between him and God. I'm glad I had the opportunity to bless him in our interaction. #1000acts #itsnotaboutthemoney #itsaboutrelationship

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