Posted By : Janel L Q

Posted On : November 21, 2015, 2:30 am

Decription : Meet Jeff. I met him at the bus stop. I initially asked if I could pay for his bus fare and he said he's actually trying to get home back to Amador. I handed him a $20, which I already planned to give him anyways. He was speechless and started to tear. He was so touched he gave me a hug. I noticed he had a cold and gave him my box tissue. The tissues that feel cool on your nose, you know the ones with hint of Vaseline on it. I chatted with him and he told me about his life. I ended up praying for his 2 kids Kacy and Kristina and healing for the severe pain his lower back. He smiled so bright. His whole demeanor was different after he was hit with just a little kindness. #1000actsofkindness #1000acts #loveCures #KindnessCures #joinTheMovement @1000acts

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